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Do you have, or care for someone with metastatic breast cancer? and live in Wales? ​​

But here's the thing.... 

I am nowhere near done yet. 

I had a pretty rough time of it, and to my naive surprise I have found my horrendous experiences are not exclusive to my personal hell. I have met and have spoke to be people all over Wales who also have stage 4 breast cancer, and just like me, they have felt/feel unsupported. 

Like many other people in the UK, I receive painful, temporary treatment to control my cancer and live from scan report to scan report. Every month I wait to see if I will likely live the month ahead. If this sounds like a nightmare, you'd be right, although what if I were to say this is a fraction of the worries us patients have to face.  We are sick and sick of being silent!

I have set up this page to host a crucial grass roots campaign and hope that other outspoken patients will join me, so we can organise and put pressure where it needs to be!

Apathy kills more than direct action. so we need to take direct action on apathy, and that goes all the way up to the government

If you would like to know more about me, please consider checking out my personal blog.

I am a proud member of METUPUK and work with them daily to improve the profile of metastatic breast cancer in the UK. 

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My name is Tassia and I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at 28 years old.